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With every new season, comes fresh colour stories and new perspectives on wardrobes and living spaces. Nothing signifies spring more than being greeted by buckets full of yellow daffodils when popping into your local shops. Spring is around the corner! 

Yellow seen in a variety of textures whether it’s splashed on dresses, chairs, sofas, walls, cushions or even doors, yellow is going to be the season’s hottest colour.

High Lighting small areas at home is an easy and graphic way to introduce a pop of yellow. We're introducing yellow this spring/summer take this Horse Head just in to our online store perfect colour splash. In love. 

The Tommy Yellow metal desk lamp £18 from Habitat. Love it and a cheap steal. 

 Are you afraid to use yellow in your home? Don’t be! There are so many shades of yellow, that are great as the main color palette or as the accent color. One color pairing that has done well in the recent years, is gray and yellow. 


I'm off to add a dash of yellow somewhere. Have a great day. X

Pictures via Pinterest, Habitat and Astella Hrela. 


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Spruce Up The Ugly Room

An unloved untouched room can hurt the eye. 

Lets kick start January with some Tips & Tricks for the house. 

TIP 1. Set The Mood 

De-electrify your dining room. Put candles on the sideboard and in the sconces and even in your chandelier, not forgetting to add some art. 

TIP 2. Contrast With Dark Paint 

Paint your baseboards a contrasting color such as browns or dark gray. It's like applying eyeliner—it will make the wall pop and it won't show miserable scuffs. 

TIP 3. Try A New Scent 

I don't use sprays they tend to last five minutes and clogged up my airways, but there's nothing quite like Santa Maria Novella's potpourri. People walk into the house and say, 'Oh, what is that?' It's just a breath of fresh air. 

TIP 4. Use Something Natural 

Buy a tree in a basket or planter and put it in your loneliest corner. Faux is big right now. I love Fig trees or Areca Palm  If you want to go the extra mile, stick some uplights behind it. Bliss 

TIP 5. Liven Up Dull Spots

If your bookshelves is looking drab, paint the back and sides a contrasting color and pack it out with some cool accessories. Pick up the color across the room with an accent pillow or a throw. 

I hope you enjoyed my five quick fixes to spruce up the ugly room. 

Have a great day. I'm heading off to the gym. X 

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Hard To Kill House Plants

After my last blog about Faking It With Fake Plants, I want to follow on from that with this blog. 

Finding it hard to maintain real flowers or keeping the flower pots watered all the time can be demanding.

So I thought I would talk about hard to kill plants about the house, as not everyone is a lover of the faux.

One's that don't need constant attention and you know they are real make you feel so much better. I understand if you're not a faux person and below I want to show you that you can still do real plants or flowers, go away for a month and come back to plants that are still alive and well, just as you left them.


ZZ Plant.

Definitely the best pick for people who neglect their plants for a week or more. With thick stalks and bulbous roots, ZZs have water storage systems like succulents, but can also tolerate extremely low light.



The one below is Kentia Palm from Ikea. 



This fabulous Burro Tail below by William Joyce Designs 


Some fab trailing plants hung in different levels too.


A houseplant that thrives in low light

These low-maintenance plants are just the answer for indoor gardeners who don't have a lot of time to devote to plant care.

So go ahead, add plants to your home without the fear of them dying. 


I hope I have covered a few ideas and inspirations for you. 


Enjoy the weekend and fear not. X 



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Faking It With Fake Plants

 The mention of fake plants and flowers to most people and the response will be outrage.

Artificial flowers and plants is a soulless simulacrum, they moan, a horticultural travesty, and just plain tacky. Really? I don't think so.


Everywhere seems to be doing them now, from small Cactus pots, single stems, bushy fern plants, the list is endless. 

So I have to join in the rage. 

John Updike, the novelist, called them an “obscene mockery. Lol

Yet no less a design authority than Mario Buatta swears by potted silk orchids, saying they look like the real thing and are godsend for clients who travel so frequently they can’t keep real ones alive. Perfect. 

I've added some pictures to see for yourself just how realistic and beautiful Faking It can really be. 



These beautiful silk stems below take my breath away.

We will be adding a whole new collection to the web very soon, i'm getting very excited thinking about it.

I will be tweeting sneak peaks for you to see shortly. 


I'm off to enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts. 


Have a fab weekend. :) x




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Candy Coloured Shades And Pastel Home Decorations

Everyones talking about candy coloured shades. 

Today’s post is insipired by something I just loved when I was little – candy easter eggs.

The decoration in these pictures with the wonderful pastel candy colours reminds me of candy eggs and long ago easters.

I love the pastel greens, blues, and pinks



It’s nice to see pastels used in a contemporary sense rather than the commonly girly way. 



Teaming up pastels with pops of strong colour and vintage finds can make a really funky room.


Pastel candy colours that pop. They maybe this years hot trend in fashion but why not make a place for them in your home?

Traditionally associated again with easter. These amazing colors will add fun and a feminine touch to your space.


Whether used in a kitchen or bedroom, pastels can pop up a clean white space while still keeping it sophisticated.

Don’t be afraid to let the colors you love inform the space you live in.

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The Art Of Bar Carts

The Art Of Bar Carts.Create an at-home bar.

I'm loving the bar cart at the moment and how wonderful you can dress your own. 

You suddenly think, bar cart is for alcohol. So very wrong indeed.

Below I have gathered some pictures of wonderful bar-carts starting with drink and moving on to lamps, flowers, mirrors, art work and all kind of quirky accessories you want to add to your very own.



Adding your largest lamp looks so grand. I love when modern meets old.

Using trays help organize your bar cart to designate different sections.


Create a focal point and add some art work.

Your artwork doesn't have to be standing on the cart, added above on the wall looks just a great.


Style with books after your party is over add your favourite Knick-Knacks 


Add a simple vase flowers or a bowl of lemons/friut They render an element of life that’s oh-so-necessary.

Simple vessels of tulips, peonies or ranunculus provide maximum dramatic effect with minimal effort.

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Making The Most Of Your Mantel

A mantel is a central focal point of a room. Mantels should be seen as a piece of furniture, similar to a console, Once you stop thinking of it as a part of the architecture, you can think of it as a focal point, A well decorated mantel can change your entire room. Use flowers, fill your vases. Use all the things you love. A pair of candlesticks, a clock, and decorative boxes if you like. Dress and redress to fit the season.


If you have a rustic mantel this doesn’t mean you have to mirror that in the artwork below. This wooden mantel combined with the almost pop art illustration looks great. 


Show off a collection on your mantel, or buy similar vases for a broken up bunch of flowers. This creates a calming effect.


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You may have made your mind up a long time ago about why you want a crystal chandelier, but you will need to consider a few things before you actually get one. One thing that you should consider is what room, or rooms, will you use the chandeliers in? The super cool thing about chandeliers is that you can hang them in almost every room in the house. If you want to make the home extravagant, you will want them where they will be the center of attention for your guests to see. You also need to consider the size and what room it will shine in?

You will need to give this some consideration and you will need to do a bit of planning beforehand if you want to get it right. 


Elegant ones are complete works of art. 

South Africa Beaded ones are gaining in popularity. 


Have you got a chandelier and your not sure where to hang it? 

Leave a comment, I would love to help. 

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Moody Colours

Moody, dramatic and mesmerising. Popular colours. So I would like to highlight the current trend. Dark colours!

When stylists like Maria Grossmann, Hans Blomquist and even the empress of white walls, Lotta Agaton, start to work into their projects misty amazing blues, different shades of greys and darker greens, you know it's a trend on the rise indeed.

These three colours hold great mystery.

Shades of moody grey for that perfect sleep space. 


Deep dark blue tones are totally taking over at the moment. Adding pops of colour makes in look very rich. 

I wish I could run away with this blue velvet sofa. This dark and moody place needed a pop of colour and that it got. 

Adding classic victorian painting looks grander. 


Moss Green, jade green, rich and classy. What an impact this shade of green brings out.

Are you moody? How do these colours make you feel. 

Could you paint your walls in these colours or have you? 

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Ceramic Fever

Ceramic Lovers.

Are you a lover of ceramics like I am? Wouldn't you just love to have an entire cabinet dedicated to the ceramics?


Collecting pieces from around the world from different places you visited and finds you may have found close to home.

Do you collect white ceramics? Or are you more into colors? Do you have any favourite designers in mind?

Add their link below to the comments section so I can check them out and possibly pin to my Ceramics pinboard on Pinterest. I’d really appreciate it!

I'm enamoured by these wonderful ceramic colourful espresso set below.

Discovery of a colorful Vallauris 1950's espresso set by Auguste Lucchesi





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