Moody Colours

Moody, dramatic and mesmerising. Popular colours. So I would like to highlight the current trend. Dark colours!

When stylists like Maria Grossmann, Hans Blomquist and even the empress of white walls, Lotta Agaton, start to work into their projects misty amazing blues, different shades of greys and darker greens, you know it's a trend on the rise indeed.

These three colours hold great mystery.

Shades of moody grey for that perfect sleep space. 


Deep dark blue tones are totally taking over at the moment. Adding pops of colour makes in look very rich. 

I wish I could run away with this blue velvet sofa. This dark and moody place needed a pop of colour and that it got. 

Adding classic victorian painting looks grander. 


Moss Green, jade green, rich and classy. What an impact this shade of green brings out.

Are you moody? How do these colours make you feel. 

Could you paint your walls in these colours or have you? 

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