You may have made your mind up a long time ago about why you want a crystal chandelier, but you will need to consider a few things before you actually get one. One thing that you should consider is what room, or rooms, will you use the chandeliers in? The super cool thing about chandeliers is that you can hang them in almost every room in the house. If you want to make the home extravagant, you will want them where they will be the center of attention for your guests to see. You also need to consider the size and what room it will shine in?

You will need to give this some consideration and you will need to do a bit of planning beforehand if you want to get it right. 


Elegant ones are complete works of art. 

South Africa Beaded ones are gaining in popularity. 


Have you got a chandelier and your not sure where to hang it? 

Leave a comment, I would love to help. 

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