The Art Of Bar Carts

The Art Of Bar Carts.Create an at-home bar.

I'm loving the bar cart at the moment and how wonderful you can dress your own. 

You suddenly think, bar cart is for alcohol. So very wrong indeed.

Below I have gathered some pictures of wonderful bar-carts starting with drink and moving on to lamps, flowers, mirrors, art work and all kind of quirky accessories you want to add to your very own.



Adding your largest lamp looks so grand. I love when modern meets old.

Using trays help organize your bar cart to designate different sections.


Create a focal point and add some art work.

Your artwork doesn't have to be standing on the cart, added above on the wall looks just a great.


Style with books after your party is over add your favourite Knick-Knacks 


Add a simple vase flowers or a bowl of lemons/friut They render an element of life that’s oh-so-necessary.

Simple vessels of tulips, peonies or ranunculus provide maximum dramatic effect with minimal effort.

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  • Hi Astella, love the blog. I have a fantastic bar cart which I bought from Notting Hill and every time I add something to it it just looks like a huge clutter of junk, could this be that my decore around it drab? Sigh :( please help with my fab bar cart!

    Lillian Clarke

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