Faking It With Fake Plants

 The mention of fake plants and flowers to most people and the response will be outrage.

Artificial flowers and plants is a soulless simulacrum, they moan, a horticultural travesty, and just plain tacky. Really? I don't think so.


Everywhere seems to be doing them now, from small Cactus pots, single stems, bushy fern plants, the list is endless. 

So I have to join in the rage. 

John Updike, the novelist, called them an “obscene mockery. Lol

Yet no less a design authority than Mario Buatta swears by potted silk orchids, saying they look like the real thing and are godsend for clients who travel so frequently they can’t keep real ones alive. Perfect. 

I've added some pictures to see for yourself just how realistic and beautiful Faking It can really be. 



These beautiful silk stems below take my breath away.

We will be adding a whole new collection to the web very soon, i'm getting very excited thinking about it.

I will be tweeting sneak peaks for you to see shortly. 


I'm off to enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts. 


Have a fab weekend. :) x




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  • Love love love this indoor greenery – I need some in my home !

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Fiona Duke

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