Hard To Kill House Plants

After my last blog about Faking It With Fake Plants, I want to follow on from that with this blog. 

Finding it hard to maintain real flowers or keeping the flower pots watered all the time can be demanding.

So I thought I would talk about hard to kill plants about the house, as not everyone is a lover of the faux.

One's that don't need constant attention and you know they are real make you feel so much better. I understand if you're not a faux person and below I want to show you that you can still do real plants or flowers, go away for a month and come back to plants that are still alive and well, just as you left them.


ZZ Plant.

Definitely the best pick for people who neglect their plants for a week or more. With thick stalks and bulbous roots, ZZs have water storage systems like succulents, but can also tolerate extremely low light.



The one below is Kentia Palm from Ikea. 



This fabulous Burro Tail below by William Joyce Designs 


Some fab trailing plants hung in different levels too.


A houseplant that thrives in low light

These low-maintenance plants are just the answer for indoor gardeners who don't have a lot of time to devote to plant care.

So go ahead, add plants to your home without the fear of them dying. 


I hope I have covered a few ideas and inspirations for you. 


Enjoy the weekend and fear not. X 



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