Spruce Up The Ugly Room

An unloved untouched room can hurt the eye. 

Lets kick start January with some Tips & Tricks for the house. 

TIP 1. Set The Mood 

De-electrify your dining room. Put candles on the sideboard and in the sconces and even in your chandelier, not forgetting to add some art. 

TIP 2. Contrast With Dark Paint 

Paint your baseboards a contrasting color such as browns or dark gray. It's like applying eyeliner—it will make the wall pop and it won't show miserable scuffs. 

TIP 3. Try A New Scent 

I don't use sprays they tend to last five minutes and clogged up my airways, but there's nothing quite like Santa Maria Novella's potpourri. People walk into the house and say, 'Oh, what is that?' It's just a breath of fresh air. 

TIP 4. Use Something Natural 

Buy a tree in a basket or planter and put it in your loneliest corner. Faux is big right now. I love Fig trees or Areca Palm  If you want to go the extra mile, stick some uplights behind it. Bliss 

TIP 5. Liven Up Dull Spots

If your bookshelves is looking drab, paint the back and sides a contrasting color and pack it out with some cool accessories. Pick up the color across the room with an accent pillow or a throw. 

I hope you enjoyed my five quick fixes to spruce up the ugly room. 

Have a great day. I'm heading off to the gym. X 

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