With every new season, comes fresh colour stories and new perspectives on wardrobes and living spaces. Nothing signifies spring more than being greeted by buckets full of yellow daffodils when popping into your local shops. Spring is around the corner! 

Yellow seen in a variety of textures whether it’s splashed on dresses, chairs, sofas, walls, cushions or even doors, yellow is going to be the season’s hottest colour.

High Lighting small areas at home is an easy and graphic way to introduce a pop of yellow. We're introducing yellow this spring/summer take this Horse Head just in to our online store perfect colour splash. In love. 

The Tommy Yellow metal desk lamp £18 from Habitat. Love it and a cheap steal. 

 Are you afraid to use yellow in your home? Don’t be! There are so many shades of yellow, that are great as the main color palette or as the accent color. One color pairing that has done well in the recent years, is gray and yellow. 


I'm off to add a dash of yellow somewhere. Have a great day. X

Pictures via Pinterest, Habitat and Astella Hrela. 


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