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Candy Coloured Shades And Pastel Home Decorations

Everyones talking about candy coloured shades. 

Today’s post is insipired by something I just loved when I was little – candy easter eggs.

The decoration in these pictures with the wonderful pastel candy colours reminds me of candy eggs and long ago easters.

I love the pastel greens, blues, and pinks



It’s nice to see pastels used in a contemporary sense rather than the commonly girly way. 



Teaming up pastels with pops of strong colour and vintage finds can make a really funky room.


Pastel candy colours that pop. They maybe this years hot trend in fashion but why not make a place for them in your home?

Traditionally associated again with easter. These amazing colors will add fun and a feminine touch to your space.


Whether used in a kitchen or bedroom, pastels can pop up a clean white space while still keeping it sophisticated.

Don’t be afraid to let the colors you love inform the space you live in.

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