Our Mission


Astella Hrela is an online interiors emporium which offers an eclectic mix of modern homeware and gifts with a certain quirkiness.

The mission at Astella Hrela is to ensure that our customers never have to shop at a “one size fits all ”big-box" retailer.  We never want our customers to hear the words “did you get that at…..”.  Our pieces will represent your personality and design aesthetic, not ours.  Isn’t that what your home should be?

Astella has developed a style quite different from the usual everyday look and has become recognised in the UK for her different collection to the everyday home decor.

We are full of fun, characterful and unexpected items. We push to go above and beyond the ordinary, with surprise and delight, combining a certain quirkiness with practicality and solidity.  We hope you love the Astella Hrela concept, so that you can experiment and create the mood and style you would want in your home. Hope you enjoy!

We have an ever-changing collection of upholstery and utilitarian objects ranging from couches to candlesticks, each with a uniquely urban and cool personality.

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