Ethel Babe Sculpture
Ethel Babe Sculpture
Ethel Babe Sculpture

Ethel Babe Sculpture

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Ethel Babe Sculpture (Hanumanasana Pose)

Capture the dynamic energy of Ethel Babe in her yoga pose, Hanumanasana. Down in the splits with her hands on her head and joyful fluid curves, her voluptuous body is portrayed in a figurative style. She sure will impress in any room. 

NOTE BODY POSE & TOP TIP: This pose helps stretch and strengthen the muscles in the thighs, hamstrings and groin. Over time this pose also helps the hips become more flexible. The abdominal organs are stimulated, improving how they function.

 Size Medium: 14.5 x 12 cm 

Size Large: 23.5 x 18cm 

Material: Eco friendly Resin 

Colour: Clay

Note: As with all handmade items, slight size and colour variations may occur.

 Lead Time: 7-14 Days 

Made With Love 



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