Ibride Portraits Rastignac
Ibride Portraits Rastignac

Ibride Portraits Rastignac

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 Ibride Portraits Rastignac


Protagonist of 27 novels from the Comédie Humaine, the handsome Eugène de Rastignac is seductive, disillusioned, cynical, playful, borderline immoral and desperately trying to belong to high society, all at the same time.
The limited series of prints is produced on a matt aluminum base and framed by our team using an extra-matt material known for its very silky feel.
Inspired by the Balzac universe and initially created for mural use, this Rastignac (ibride©) portrait depicts this audaciously romantic, elegant and reckless lover.

Size: H.74 x L.56 x W.4 cm

Wall fixings included 

Lead Time: 2 Weeks 



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