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Hard To Kill House Plants

After my last blog about Faking It With Fake Plants, I want to follow on from that with this blog.  Finding it hard to maintain real flowers or keeping the flower pots watered all the time can be ... Read More...

Faking It With Fake Plants

 The mention of fake plants and flowers to most people and the response will be outrage. Artificial flowers and plants is a soulless simulacrum, they moan, a horticultural travesty, and just plain... Read More...

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Astella Hrela is an online interiors emporium which offers an eclectic mix of modern homeware and gifts with a certain quirkiness.

Astella has developed a style quite different from the usual everyday look and has become recognised in the UK for her different collection to the everyday home decor.

We are full of fun, characterful and unexpected items. Our aim is to go above and beyond the ordinary, with surprise and delight, combining a certain quirkiness with practicality and solidity.  

We've searched all over the world to keep you up to date, with what's hot and what's not. 


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